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‘Sheikh Mohammed stressed that laws should be respected and implemented for all and that no one is above the law, regardless of his position and status. Mohammed tells legal fraternity to respect human dignity

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An extensive online resource for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry. You can search for resources by using our directory index of product and service categories, company and organization names, and locations.

The site is constantly updated to provide all the HVAC/R - related information, indoor comfort & energy conservation that the Internet has to offer. As new technologies emerge, we will have the capabilities to utilize them for your benefit, placing your products, activities etc., on the cutting edge. Moreover, an Arabic version of the site is now on the anvil to serve you better.

Our visitors are anyone in the business of HVAC/R Industry especially in the Middle East countries. This includes: Commercial, industrial contractors, general contractors, manufacturers, retailers, dealers, distributors, suppliers, wholesalers, representatives, consultants, building owners, home owners, vehicle owners, facility managers, resorts managers, environmental managers, aero companies, cruiseline companies, residential contractors, educators/trainers, software developers, trade association members and job seekers.

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